In the previous article, I’ve mentioned about top 5 Sydney’s cafes. There are thousands of the cafes that are still worth to be visited. Why? Because each cafe has their own uniqueness that makes their own interest point. However, coffee will be always the top priority to be described in this article in terms of taste and consistency.

Let’s check it out..

Kafeine Balmain Sydney

#6 – Kafeine Balmain

Located in Balmain, this cafe is super busy. The killer Eggs Benedict is famous with the green juice and the coffee consistency also bring the customers back every time. Eggs Benedict always be my favourite menu. There is none to second best hollandaise sauce in Sydney. The barista also qualified with enough training and always work hard to keep all his customers happy.

This cafe is the only cafe that serves you with campos coffee. If you are the campos person, here is the place to be. The foods, cakes, pastries, juices has so many options. they also have gluten free options for food and pastries. This cafe is also famous for the quick service. They are not only rated by me as a must visited cafe, but it is also listed in as one of a must visit cafe.

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#7 – Heritage Brewer

I was recommended by a friend of mine to try this cafe, this cafe is locating in summer hill. Once you reached summer hill train station, just walk cross the street and you definitely will see a white Heritage sign. I love the espresso in here. they have one of a good Japanese barista that very experience. Their menu has not that many options, however this coffee in here is the killer.

This cafe is using mecca’s beans which is one of the leading specialty coffee in the market. I also tried Columbia beans in here. I found the espresso taste mild with no bitter taste on my palette and It didn’t taste too strong, but the coffee still shows the complexity of the ripe fruit. I would honestly admit, they even make it better than Mecca itself. The caffeine injection needs will always bring me back to here. Kudos for Heritage!

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#8 – Campos Newtown

Campos Newtown is the flagship of campos. If you keen for a perfect campos coffee, please come to this campos headquarter cafe it is just Located in around Newtown (15 minutes by bus from Sydney), this cafe is running by all the all superb barista that has been working for campos for years. Every single cup in here is perfect. They also have pastries options for you to order.

Believe me, people who come here is only campos person and they are not going to care about food but just coffee. Start from grinding, brewing, frothing, pouring and bring to your table are not that easy steps and workflow. However, they will make your coffee experience always good.

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#9 – Toby’s Estate Chippendale

There are many great coffee roaster in Sydney that honour to be mention in this industry. Toby’s Estate is one of them. Behind of this cafe, hidden the biggest roaster of Toby’s Estate in Australia. Originated in Woolloomooloo, Toby started to chase his own dream cafe. He started in his mom garage and learned all about the coffee in Brazil. He spend couple years to absorb all the knowledge about coffee in there. After he felt ready, He came back and start his own business. It grows till like now.


Toby’s is an international recognized coffee supplier now. You can get it in Singapore, USA and Bali. Woolloomooloo blend is one of it’s best seller brand. There are 7 origins of coffee in a bag of the Woolloomooloo blend coffee. there are so many seasonal blends available, it is depends on the season.

If you keen on Single origin, toby’s also have many variances of single origin from all over the world such as Panama, Indonesia (Aceh, Sumatra Mandailing, Bali, Toraja Sulawesi), El Salvador, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India and many more. Ethiopia yirgacheffe is one of my favourite in here. I always hunt for this beans. Yirgacheffe regions in Ethiopia is well-known as amazing area that supply amazing coffee around the world. It has winey plumb and berry flavour with thick body, you can’t go wrong! Foods in here also amazing.

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#10 – The Gumption by Coffee Alchemy

I hardly believe that I could find another hidden gem in the city. As most of the cafes are too busy to make coffee without quality, but not this one. Armoured with Coffee Alchemy beans, they always rock the city with amazing coffee. This cafe only serves coffee, no food or sweets at all. I should say “Caution! Caffeinated person only”.

It is located in around The Strands Arcade, right the opposite of the mighty Apple Store in George Street. I met an Indonesian Barista as well who work in here. I bet it is a well worth to put your effort to walk couple minutes if you live in hotel or apartment in around city.

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Nowadays, Competitions amongst all the cafes are very tough. It is also depends on you as a customer to pick which cafe is a place for you to be. This top 10 numbers always change depends on the experience and also how the cafes run their business. In the business, no one will always be the first forever but what you could do is just keep doing it better and better to improve. As a customer, what we are looking for is to enjoy the coffee, ambiance, people in the cafe (including all the stake holders in the business).

By visiting your favourite coffee shop, means that you are supporting them financially to keep their existence in the market. As a cafe stakeholder(s), it is very important to keep your customers happy by creating a great environment for them. That’s all about life and coffee. It always come with both way, it always about give and take.

Enjoy your coffee, stay caffeinated and keep you going! If you like this post and you find this article is helping, please share it!

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