New Zealand is one of the most photogenic country. It has been on my bucket list for awhile. Finally I am able to make my journey to here. In this Article, I share to you all my activities and the results. I hope it helps you to plan and give more information about this country.

In my 8 days visit below, I am able only explore abit of new zealand. I hope you enjoy it!

Day 1 :

3 hours flight from Sydney to Queenstown. Once we came out from the airport, we straight heading to Lake Tekapo, about 4 hours drive from Queenstown. In Lake Tekapo, there are not many options for you to eat. This place has very less population and New Zealand government is the first country that plan implemented low-light pollution to this country. Basically, this country is a star gazing country. We head of from Queenstown to Lake Tekapo, in the middle of the way, we passed a beautiful pass name Lindiss Pass. We made out time on time and shot from there and straight the first night I stand and star-gazed in around the lake. Here is my shot.

Lindiss Pass New Zealand

Day 2 :

Rain whole day! Can’t go anywhere. Just relax and post processing all my pics. NZ is one of the most expensive country in term of living cost. A serve of food in here ranges around 25-100 dollars and it taste horrible as they have very limited and pricey ingredients. In Lake Tekapo, they sell roasted whole chicken, it costs about 15 dollar per chicken. We made our own meals because the taste of the food around Lake Tekapo is pretty plain and not really interesting compared to Sydney. As everybody knows that New Zealand has very less human population (5%), you won’t see many human here. The sheep are more dominant than the human for sure. Similar to human, food options are not that many available in here.

Day 3 :

Finally the rain stopped and we were greeted by awesome red morning. It was one of the reddest sky that I’ve seen in my life. It was dark and the sun hadn’t came out, yet the color was so red. That was my last day in Lake Tekapo. It is also my last chance to get a milky-way with a good background (the church). I was hoping at that night I could get an aurora! But it didn’t seem that way at the end. Here is the morning shot, 9 vertical panorama shots and stitch in one.

church of the shepherd house lake tekapo sunrise

I stayed in a boutique motel which costed us about $400 dollars per night with two rooms. It is pretty good deal! The motel named ” The Charlet”. It just 2 minutes walk from good shepherd church (the most photograph church in the world) and it faces the Lake Tekapo.

As that was my last night to stay in lake tekapo, it was also my last chance to get milky-way too! finally at that night I made it.

church of the shepherd house lake tekapo Night

Day 4 :

From Lake Tekapo, we headed off to Mount Cook/Aoraki. It was raining cat and dog, even thought it was wet, I tried to use the cover on my camera and took several shots panorama from Peter Lookout. It was bloody cold up there, before we reached mount cook, I took some shots from Peter Lookout. In here, we can see Lake Pukaki. Lake Pukaki is so beautiful when sunny day. It will reflecting the sky color. Unfortunately it was raining. but it is still beautiful. Here is the picture.

Peter Lookout to Lake Pukaki

And we continued our journey to mount cook. It was really amazing to see how the beauty new zealand is. It just can’t stop to cease me. I just can’t stop to say wow and wow! I reached there at finally and I found that I would stay in a room that face to mount cook. It is such an amazing experience.

Mount Cook

Such a shame that this beauty has to be covered with very thick fog. I was staying and waiting to do star gazing in here. Mount is one of the heritage area where we could do star gazing everywhere in around this national park. I tried to walk into the bush at 6pm. Unfortunately, it was too dark, there was no point to force to go.

Finally I decided to walk on the next day morning. I planned to walk to Hooker Valley. The valley that we could see the summit of the Mount Cook. It was such a nice place. However, the fog was thick. From the weather forecast said, the sky would be clear up around 10am. So I decided to come early. I thought it would be great if I could reach there before sunrise.

I aimed to capture glacier, summit and sunrise in the a frame. However, it was not as predicted, the fog was still so thick and I found it was impossible to see anything. Finally, when the clock ticked to 9, the sky cleared up and show big changes. I could finally see the summit, glacier, and the lake in a frame. Unfortunately, the sun has risen too high and I couldn’t get the morning transition anymore.

Nevertheless, I was still so satisfied with this place. I should come back again next time for several days to catch the milky way and camp around this area. I felt how the mother nature shows its power when the glacier fell off from the cliff of the summit of the Mount Cook, it sounded so amazing. Please make sure you bring enough insulation to keep you warm.

In the winter, it is not a joke to go without enough insulation. Even in autumn, temperature has dropped below 10 degree.

Hooker Valley

Day 6 :

From Mount Cook, it took around 6 hours drive to Wanaka. It was so damn long driving. Finally, we reached the wanaka around 5 pm. After we checked-in in the hotel and we talked to the local people, we decided to head off to Wanaka Lake’. I heard there is an iconic tree in there. one of the most photograph tree in this country. Hundreds of people queues and stays just to take the picture of this tree every day.

They call it ‘Wanaka Lonely Tree’.

Wanaka Lonely Tree

Day 7 :

We finally packed-up and continue the journey to Queenstown. In betweeen, Queenstown and Wanaka, we stopped at a classic town name Arrow Town. This town was so colorful, there are so many yellow leaves especially in autumn. I love this place. on our way, we found something cool! Here it is..

Cardrona Bra Fence New Zealand

Ladies! Please, you have to participate! Instead of padlock, they do in a very cool way. Each woman left one of their treasure in here. It becomes such a popular place now. After reach arrow town, we discovered the town and took some pictures.


We aimed to reach queenstown before night. We planned to catch up with our friends from New Zealand. so we have to go earlier. Afterward, we met our friend in Queenstown. Queenstown offers so many attractions in here. I went to the top of the restaurant where I could see the whole city. It is so beautiful!

Queenstown Night View

This is the view from up there. We had a dinner in here, it costs us around 85 dollars to have ‘all you can eat’ buffet. It was amazing. view and foods are superb.

Day 8 :

I went to get a Fergburger. One of a must eat in Queenstown. It was so delicious and the price is very reasonable too. I had a ‘Big Al’. It costed me 17.5 dollars. The meat was made from premium 200 gram beef , 2 eggs and fresh veggies. That burger almost 500 grams. It is literally the biggest burger in the menu! Such a challenge to finish it.

But indeed, It was so tasty!

Famous Fergburger Queenstown

Finally our journey was over and we have to go back to reality. To sum up, it was amazing place to visit. I will go back again next time.

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